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October 20, 2019

 An appeal to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Dear President of the French Republic,
In a time of complicated processes in the Middle East, the ongoing war in Syria and the interest of all countries in the Balkans as an entrance to Europe, the European Union needs a stable, cohesive and European Balkans.

The absence of Europe from this region, means that other forces hostile to it will enter.
 The decision not to invite the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the heart of the Balkans, to enter into negotiations with the EU is particularly dangerous for both Northern Macedonia itself, which will be driven by political chaos, anti-European positions and governance, as well as the whole region and Europe.
We must not forget that many of the worst wars began in the Balkans, and it was not until 18 years ago that the last war on our continent was fought.
France gave the world the principles that drive the European Union, the principles of peace and justice. Liberté, égalité, fraternité Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. In Europe, long-standing enemies have become friends. Today there are no old friendships, because there are no old enemies, but we should not create new animosities!
Not another, but you say: 'In Europe we will go forward with those who want to go forward. We will not accept a compromise with our values ​​for those who want to remain in the periphery of history. ”Who has shown the will and courage to go forward, if not the current leaders in Northern Macedonia and its citizens? If they are not rewarded for this, Europe will lose their hearts. Believe us here in the Balkans, the most important thing is to win the hearts of the people - something that Europe's opponents have long understood and used skillfully.
As citizens who admire the culture and what France has given to the world, we believe that your country has always been the engine and leader of Europe.
We expect you not to relinquish this role by rethinking your position on the Republic of Northern Macedonia and finding a way to push it towards the EU and stability.
 It is unknown why a triumphal arch was erected in the center of Skopje ... Maybe waiting for you? Europe needs leaders - be the new De Gaulle.
Win the hearts of the citizens of Northern Macedonia and you will enjoy a real victory - a victory for all European citizens.
Long live France!
Long live Northern Macedonia!
Long live Bulgaria!
Long Live a United Europe!

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