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February 2, 2019



The emergence of 'yellow vests' can not be considered as a casual, elemental and non-organized 'natural civil' protest of dissatisfied people. Although 'yellow vests' are presented as elemental formations of bloggers from social networks, it is more than clear that this is not the case.


Through these protests, the Kremlin will try to sink our continent in the next 2019, when the elections for a new European Parliament, in a state of  'Quiet civil war'.

 The Kremlin has decided to produce long-lasting national protests of the poor and dissatisfied in the EU countries against their governments. The explosions in France and Belgium of the 'yellow vests' against ... fuel prices should be seen as being produced by Putin's headquarters against democracy!

 During the  war against world democracy, the Kremlin strategists successfully applied various tactics:
-The annexation of the Crimea and the creation of a 'people' republic in the occupied by the 'volunteers' Ukrainian territories Donetsk and Lugansk.
- Organizing and targeting and possibly subsidizing millions of refugees from Africa and Asia to Europe.
-Organization of  thousands of refugees from Latin America to the United States! 
 - 'Help' at the Brexit referendum in England.
- 'Help' for the right candidate Trump in the US elections.
- 'Help' for all , right-wing, patriotic and similar parties and politicians in the EU. Their main 'backbone': the erroneous immigration policy of Brussels, Merkel, Macron,
-Public political murders of opponents of the Putin regime with  poisons.

 Russia began a war  through the  hybrid war against democracy.

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